Matthew McAdams

Designer, web developer, and creative problem solver.


Nice to meet you

I’m a front end developer with a background in graphic design currently living in the Birmingham area. Let’s make something cool together.

In the spring of 2020, I got my bachelor of fine arts from the University of Alabama at Birmingham while researching UX design, code semantics, and design systems. My award winning work is bold, precise, and modern, focusing on the division of space and the use of strong color. When I’m not pecking at code or pushing pixels, I enjoy exploring fantasy worlds through books and video games.

Curriculum Vitae

Matthew McAdams, a young adult with dark brown hair and tidy beard. He is dressed in light gray pants, a blue button down, and a dark gray blazer.
Illustration of a sketchbook and desktop computer displaying code

Art & Logic

Working on meaningful projects and being able to create something beautiful and bring it to life with code is my favorite aspect of my work as a creative.

Learning is how I stay inspired and is what gives me the motivation to push forward. The worlds of art and technology are constantly changing, and I love learning and being able to work in multiple contexts, more fluidly across traditional job descriptions.

Thoughtful design

I’m interested in doing research and creating a design that is not only visually compelling, but is meaningful.

Quality code

One of my goals as a developer is to write performant, clearly organized, legible, and well documented code.

Great experiences

I’m passionate about accessibility and user experience and believe in inclusive products.

Say Hello

Feel free to reach out to me for any questions, concerns, or comments. I'm also open to freelance work.