Hi! I'm Matt McAdams

Graphic designer, web developer, and creative problem solver

About Me

I'm a front-end developer with a background in graphic design. In the spring of 2020, I got my bachelor of fine arts from the University of Alabama at Birmingham while researching UX design, code semantics, and design systems. My award winning work is bold, precise, and modern, focusing on the division of space and the use of strong color. When I'm not pecking at code or pushing pixels, I enjoy exploring fantasy worlds through books and video games.

Curriculum Vitae

Thoughts & Adventures

On a Modern Grid

Back in October, Marvin Danig made a fantastic blog post on the state of responsive web design and the future of CSS frameworks. I wanted to continue some of his points and see how a responsive first grid system might look.

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CSS Organization

While researching best practices of CSS organization this past year for a huge UI project at work, I ran across several ideas and strategies to solve this problem. My goal here is to digest these ideas and formulate a more comprehensive approach to organizing CSS.

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Code Comment Anchors

One of the really cool plugins I found for VS Code is this tool called Comment Anchors. It’s a way of adding more visible, meaningful comments to your code. I’m a really big fan of writing documentation in the code itself, so its nice to have a way to highlight the most important notes.

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