Matthew McAdams

Graphic designer, web developer, and creative problem solver



I’m a designer. That means solving problems with creative solutions. I’m most comfortable with graphic, web, and ux design.


As a full stack web developer, I make cool user experiences come to life using both front end and server side code.


As an Illustrator I look for unique ways to fill my projects with clean geometry, bold color, and thoughtful composition.


A selection of my professional work in graphic design and web development, as well as my curriculum vitae and resume.


Learn more about me personally including my interests and inspirations as well as where to find me on social media.


List of blog posts I’ve made documenting my experiences as a creative in the design and web development industries.

Thoughts & Adventures

I like to solve problems even when I don’t know the answers, and as a design student and self taught web developer, there’s a lot I don’t know. I’m stubborn and I love learning new things.

This combination of personality traits has taught me that any problem can be solved, even if its never been done before. Follow me here to join my adventures through the world of art and technology.