Attika is an exploration of typographical design through technological advancements introduced in OpenType Variable Fonts. The typeface is a bold and versatile humanistic sans-serif typeface suitable for headlines and display text. It is roughly inspired by it’s namesake, a region of Greece home of Athens, a haven of philosophy and democracy in the ancient world.

Attika Title


Athens Typeset

Repetition of the letter A, showing variable thickness

The word "Variable" typeset

Snippet of pseudocode

All characters of the font

A gif showing the transition from thick to thin

The cover of a book

A spread in the book showing the construction of the "Q" letterform

A mockup of the exebition

Attika was part of the 2020 BFA Exhibition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The typeface includes uppercase and lowercase letters A-Z, punctuation, and special characters. Attika is available for free for personal and commercial use, and can be downloaded below.